Strawberry, Cherry & Mint Gin

Today I am made strawberry, cherry and mint gin, with the help of Aldi’s award-winning London Dry Gin.



Recently on a night out on Manchester’s canal street, I found myself at Oscars Bar which had been recommended to me by my husband. He had rightly thought I would enjoy the gin and show tunes.

It was while singing away to Liza Minnelli and the soundtrack of Burlesque that I first tried strawberry gin. This however was not JUST strawberry gin, this was a Larios Rose gin cocktail aptly named the Slipper and Rose.

To borrow the words of a friend, it was Disney in a glass.

If you follow my Twitter closely, you will know that I am not an avid cocktail fan. I like to drink my gin bare butt naked on ice or dressed up with a little full fat tonic.  But I am always open to having my mind changed about the ways of the world, so will happily (well someone has to do it) venture into the world of cocktails when necessary.

It was a truly beautiful experience.


It was with this magical cocktail in mind, that I decided to use my  yellow sticker strawberries and cherries that I had found in Tesco this week, on a concoction of my own.

I borrowed the recipe from here, tweaking it slightly to making it to my taste.

400g of strawberries (because that is what I had.

50g of cherries

150g of caster sugar

700ml of Aldi’s Oliver Cromwell gin.

A small handful of mint leaves I needed to use up.
Once defrocked of all foliage, pits and stalks, I placed the strawberries and cherries into a lidded jar, where I took to them with my potato masher.

Once suitably mushy I poured in the sugar and then the gin, giving it a shake.

Once mixed, I added the mint leaves.


It smells divine.

It will now sit on my gin bar for three days having gentle shakes. I will then strain and decant it into a new bottle, to be partnered with Fenitmans Rose lemonade in what I hope to be a truly beautiful marriage of flavours.

And that my friends is my weekend sorted.


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